Precision Study Management will work with you to design a complete regulatory package for government agency submission. PSM will work with your established regulatory team or, if desired, partner with an independent consultant to shepherd your submission through the regulatory process from submission to final approval.

Typical FIFRA submissions include:
New Active Ingredient Registrations
Reregistration and Data Call-In Responses and Rebuttals
Preparation of Data Waiver Requests and Tolerance Petitions
Support in Data Compensation Estimates
Formulator’s Exemption Registrations
GLP Study Project Management for: Product Chemistry, Environmental Fate Studies,
Nature of the Residue, Residue Chemistry, and Avian and Aquatic Toxicology.
California DPR Registration Requirements
Genetically Modified Plant Registrations

Technical Support:
Pesticide Run-Off into Municipal Water Sheds
Genetically Modified Organism Projects (GMO)
Groundwater Testing Projects